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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view TG4?

You can view TG4 via:

  • Saorview: channel 4;  Sky channel 104;  Virgin Media: channel 104  and channel 602 for kids), Eircom live stream.
  • Northern Ireland:  Sky: channel 163;   Virgin Cable: channel 877;  Freeview: channel 51.
  • Worldwide: Player,  IOS App and Android App.
  • Coming Soon: Smart TV App (Samsung , LG , Sony), AppleTV App and AndroidTV App.

Geo-Blocked Content

Some (but not all) of TG4’s content has a rights restriction, allowing us to make it available on the island of Ireland only.
Our listings page carries an indicator of which programmes are geoblocked to Ireland only (with [é] symbol) and which are not online (with ? symbol). All other programmes should be available worldwide.

If viewing on a browser, you need to ensure your IP address is registered in Ireland to ensure the content is not restricted. (

Alternatively, you can download our IOS and Android App. App access is determined by Geolocation. To ensure the fullest permissible access to TG4 content for your location, ensure the Location Services on your device are set to ON for the TG4 App.



I am getting error messages when accessing the Player via browser on IOS / Android devices

To access the player on an IOS device, you need to download the TG4 Player App (free to download)
Download here (

To access the player on an Android device, you need to download the TG4 Player App (free to download) from Google Play
Download here (

I have difficulty accessing the TG4 player?

We updated the our website design in recent weeks and as a result may be experiencing problems on older browsers. If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing the player, please e mail us at and let us know what your browser is, what version and what operating system you are using.

You can alternatively access the content on our IOS App for iPhone or iPad and on our Smart TV App (all available to download by searching TG4 in the App store).

How soon can I see the programme on catch up after broadcast?

Usually the programme will be available immediately after broadcast. Occasionally, the programme upload may be delayed until the following afternoon.

How can I see part 2 and subsequent programme parts?

In the case of LIVE programmes, these are recorded directly from broadcast.  Therefore they appear in programme parts.  All  parts play continuously. At the end of each part, the next part follows immediately on the same play line. Pre-roll ads may play before each part.

What content does the TG4 Player carry?

Any Irish language programmes broadcast on TG4 are available as catch up for 35 days after the TV transmission, rights permitting.  Additional content is available under the ‘Collections’ section on the site.

Can I view programmes outside of Ireland?

Most of our Irish language content is available worldwide, but in some cases content rights are restricted to Ireland only or not al all.   Icons on the listings page denote where rights are available for.

How can I find a specific programme?

You can use the search facility and enter a specific programme details. You can select a date to view programmes broadcast on that day. You can view programmes by genre. You can also select programmes from the ‘most recent’ and ‘most popular’ lists.

Can I view TG4 Beo?

Yes. Live Streams are available from the TG4 Player where rights permit. Occasionally we will run a second live stream for special events.

Where can I find kids content?

Kids content is listed on the TG4 player under ‘Cúla4’. You can also find a kids only player on the home page. Interactive games and further information on kids content available from:

Can I view content without subtitles?

TG4 player now offers Optional Subtitles. To choose to switch off subtitles, press cc in the control panel.  (some of the older content on the player will still have burnt in subtitles)

If we have Irish language subtitles available, these can also be selected as an option.

If you are viewing on Explore 8, Windows ’95 or older platforms, these changes will not function.  You need to upgrade your browser to avail of the subtitles.

What Broadband Bandwidth do I need?

Currently TG4 offers four renditions ranging from 250kbit/s to 1.2mbit/s… However bandwidth of 1megabit is recommended for quality of use.

I have problems with the streaming, what can I do?


I’d like a copy of a programme?

TG4 do not hold the rights to make copies of programmes.  These distribution rights usually rest with the Producer or the Distributor.  In the unusual event where we do have rights available, the charge per  copy is as follows: –

  • 30 Minute Programme – €88 + CBL @ 21% = €106.50
  • 60 Minute Programme – €125 + CBL @ 21% = €151.00

This covers the person and resource time to produce the copy.

If you wish to enquire about rights for a particular programme, please contact or click here to order a copy – ARCHIVE ORDER FORM.

Can I get a DVD copy of Irish language movies for kids?

TG4 do not hold the rights to make copies of Movies we have revoiced. There are DVDs available (with Irish language option) for some Movies, such as Spongebob Squarepants Spúinse as Uisce (Sponge out of Water) and Amhrán na Mara (Song of the Sea).  These are available in shops or from

If you wish to screen an Irish language movie at a public event, the following organisations can guide you nó le (GFD) nó