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How to Advertise on TG4

TG4 broadcasts 20 hours per day; available on Saorview, Cable and Sky platform. Avail of opportunities to advertise during TG4’s daily schedule. Ad durations can vary in duration, in multiples of 10 seconds.

TG4 Sponsorship opportunities can be discussed with our Sales Manager in Post TV. See the latest sponsorship opportunities under the ‘What’s New’ section on this website.

TG4’s website – A full range of Display banner opportunities are available on, including leaderboards, MPUs and Skyscrapers.

TG4 Player
TG4 player – and App are available worldwide and have a global audience to TG4’s Irish language content. You can advertise on TG4 content on the player via Pre Rolls / Post Rolls and Mid Rolls.


With more than half a million viewers each day, and an average share of viewing of 2%, TG4 has cemented a place among the most popular channels in Ireland. The link below shows the most popular programmes on TG4, along with analysis showing TG4 viewing data and also analysis showing TG4 as the best advertising option in terms of less clutter and more live ad viewing.

  • Top TG4 Programmes by genre
  • Less Clutter
  • TG4 Audience Indicators for Different Audiences

On Air Specs

Please follow these guidelines to ensure we get your advertising to air on time and to the best quality.

  • Client guidelines for stings in contra deals and sponsorship on TG4 programming

Do fhógra as Gaeilge

If you want to make an Irish language version of your Ad – we can help

Ar mhaith leat do fhógra a bheith ag rith as Gaeilge?
We can help to create an Irish language version of your Ad.

We will need:

  • Copy of the Ad with clean audio M&E tracks and with clean graphics
  • Email List of any onscreen graphics
  • Email Voice Over script
  • Email preference for male or female VO artist.

Need an Ad Created?

If you need an ad created, we can help:

Remember – less is more when creating an ad – one strong clear message and arresting images will work to your advantage.

Choose between our Basic or Superior Advertising Package.

Basic Package

10 – 15 second Ad; graphic image with text on screen and VoiceOver

You need to send us:

  • Graphic / Image – High Res. 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Logo – with Alpha channel
  • Graphic file formatts accepted: TIFF / EPS / PNG
  • Any text you want to appear on screen
  • Required Script
  • Required Music (library music preferably)
  • Guidelines for VO artist – tone of voice; male / female?

Superior Package

15 – 20 second Ad; animation / video content with text on screen and VoiceOver

You send us:

  • Animation / video content (HD preferably)
  • Any text you want on screen
  • Required Script
  • Required Music (library music preferably)
  • Guidelines for VO artist – tone of voice; male / female?

WEB Banner Ads

We can also create basic web banner ads, jpeg files based on logo and images you provide.