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Technical Specification

The technical standards for programmes that have been commissioned by TG4, either on tape or directly from studio or OB contributions are contained in this document. It sets out the technical requirements for delivery to ensure that delivered material is of a satisfactory standard. The requirements for technical standards, quality and delivery must be adhered to as specified.

Technical Specs Short Form

Technical Specs Short Form available here … Click Here

Post Production Guidelines

Please follow the post production guidelines as outlined here. Logos and Endboards refered to in the guidelines can be downloaded here (

Contributor Release Form

This form must be signed by anyone who contributes creatively to the programme, whether on screen or otherwise. e.g. singer, dancer, actor, interviewer, writer, composer, producer or director.

Music Clearances

A music cue sheet giving full particulars of the composer, performer, publisher, record label and I.D. number (if applicable) and duration of any piece of music used in the programme must be delivered to TG4 with the completed programme.


Properly composed, high res images are a minimum requirement for publicity. Grabs are not acceptable to most print media and they are not of suitable standard.
Images should be taken with a professional grade camera (digital SLR) by someone with a knowledge of composition, focus, lighting and photoshop.
Number of images required are 5-6 series shots and another 5-6 per episode.
Main requirements are:
High Res 300 dpi minimum 3mb.
Main pics; Shots that illustrate the context or narrative of the programme/series and to have visual impact , eg posed presenter shots to camera, cast shots etc..
Episodics: Shots that illustrate the action or story of that episode and feature the contributors for that episode with captions.
Portrait and Landscape: A mixture of both for print media..For the Website and on air squeezeback we require Landscape.
Quality: Quality is key for publicity images. High quality in resolution and of composition, lighting, focus, visual impact etc.. The best quality pictures get good publicity.

Archive Footage and Pictures

Any archive footage/pictures used in the programme should be cleared by written license from the rights holder in the footage. Jointly funded commissions, involving co-funders other than TG4, may require more extensive archive clearance.

Legal Paperwork – General

The following documents must be submitted on delivery of the programme. Final payment under the commissioning contract will not be made until all required paperwork has been submitted and is in order. Please complete a Programme Details Form, Copyright Form, Paperwork Checklist and submit to TG4, together with copies of the programme documentation required by those forms. Please send it all in together!

Using the TG4 Logo

Access guidelines for using the TG4 Logo by Clicking Here.

TG4 Subtitles Guidelines

Access guidelines for using the TG4 Subtitles by Clicking Here.