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TG4 and the Arts Council are delighted to announce that the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has joined them as a partner on the arts documentary scheme, ilDÁNA 2018.

ilDÁNA 2018


ilDÁNA is designed to enhance the TG4 schedule by supporting the making of an ambitious and cinematic long-form documentary on the arts in Irish. A budget of €120K will be made available by the partners for this landmark documentary which will have a theatrical window before its broadcast in a primetime slot on TG4.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative BAI CEO Michael O’Keeffe said that “Increasing the production and availability of quality Irish language content is a strategic objective for the BAI. Achieving this requires partnerships and the BAI is delighted to support ilDÁNA especially given its focus on innovation and creativity in programming production”.

TG4 Director General, Alan Esslemont also welcomed the devlopment saying, “Following an impressive list of award-winning productions funded during our twenty-year collaboration on the Splanc! scheme, TG4 welcomes this partnership with the Arts Council and BAI which will ensure that landmark arts documentaries continue as part of the fabric of TG4’s programme schedule.

Welcoming the new partnership, Fionnuala Sweeney, Head of Film at the Arts Council, said: “We are delighted to be joined by the BAI on this initiative with TG4, which offers a unique opportunity for the making of ‘art about art’ for cinema and television audiences”.

Applications must be made to the Galway Film Centre no later than 17:00 on Thursday, 21 June 2018.

Guidelines for ilDÁNA 2018

Films commissioned for ilDÁNA will provide a definitive creative treatment of their arts subject. All artistic disciplines will be considered. Contemporary subjects are preferred but contemporary treatments of historical works/subjects may also be considered. One film will be funded with a budget of up to €120,000. It will launch with a dedicated cinema screening and will have a theatrical window before broadcast to a primetime TG4 audience in 2019.

Galway Film Centre and TG4 will administer the commissioning process of ilDÁNA films, TG4 will issue contracts and TG4’s ‘Terms of Trade’ will apply.

Representatives from TG4, the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and the BAI will make the selection for ilDÁNA.


Applications must be made to Galway Film Centre no later than 17:00 on Thursday, 21 June. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Submissions, by email only, should be sent to

  • Film duration: feature length.
  • Production Budget: Up to €120,000 per film.
  • Format: HD with English subtitles
  • Language: Irish or bilingual.

Applications for ilDÁNA must include the following

  • A completed ilDÁNA commissioning form
  • A detailed treatment of the proposal
  • A description of the intended creative approach
  • An audience strategy that identifies the film’s national TV audience plus any plan for theatrical exhibition (film festival/cinema) if applicable
  • A detailed production budget and budget summary (including music and subject

clearances, deliverables and marketing materials)

  • CVs of the creative team involved in the proposal including director, producer, writer,


  • Evidence of ownership to include copies of all option and writers agreements entered into in respect of story and script, if applicable to the project
  • Written confirmation in the form of clearances and permissions of key subject’s willingness to participate, where applicable
  • Three excerpts of the director’s work (not showreel) that inform the proposal
  • Any other relevant supporting materials that inform the creative approach to the proposal

TG4, the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and the BAI:

  • encourage the employment of film practitioners working through the Irish language;
  • involve gender equality both in terms of contribution and production personnel;
  • require the provision of equitable conditions and fair remuneration for artists involved in the making of the ilDÁNA films.


ilDÁNA films will be selected on the basis of:

  • the artistic vision of the applicant and his/her creative approach to the proposed subject
  • the feasibility of the proposal in the context of the objectives of IlDÁNA
  • the track record of the applicant
  • the extent to which the proposal promotes gender equality in terms of contribution and production personnel

Additional funding (up to €5K per successful project) may be made available to support theatrical exhibition where a convincing audience strategy is proposed.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to discuss their proposal during the week of 9 July. The award for the series will be made by TG4 and standard commissioning terms will apply to the production agreement. It is expected that projects will be completed and available for broadcast on TG4 in 2019.

Further information

  • Applicants must comply with all relevant statutory obligations.
  • All contracts will depend on provision of a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Candidates are informed that the information provided may be disclosed to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • There is no agreement – or any other type of contract – until a formal contract is written by or on behalf of TG4.

More Information:

Trevor Ó Clochartaigh – 087 2476624,

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